AusAircraft Results View for VH-OLS – The aircraft that took 19 year old Ryan Campbell around the world in 2013

Waiting for your plane to arrive at the gate? Saw a sweet looking plane and want to find out more about it? Heard a callsign while flying but didn’t catch the aircraft type?

With Aus Aircraft search and one piece of information – the registration (VH-xxx), you can find out a little more about the plane you were just on or saw fly past. Lookup the aircraft’s type, year of manufacture, engine information and even the operator.

AusAircraft contains a database of all general aviation (GA) and regular public transport (RTP)/airline aircraft registered in Australia using the VH-xxx mark. You can find this mark on the tail of most aircraft and sometimes on the underside of the wings. Enter the three characters after the VH and be on your way to searching the AusAircraft database

Presented in a quick and easy to read way you can be sure that you’ve got the information before you’ve forgotten those three letters. With recent searches it’s easy to bring an aircraft’s details back up if you do forget these details.

The database is updated regularly however it may take some time for new aircraft and changes to appear. If you believe an aircraft has incorrect information or does not exist in the database, please contact me ( with details.