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Jubilee Weather

Established in 2009 Jubilee Weather provides access to live weather data, forecasts, tides, trends and more tailored for Gerringong, NSW. Jubilee Weather is available free on the iPhone App Store, at for android and other mobile devices and for everything else.

Werri Beach Fish Shop

As part of their brand overhaul in 2010, the new owners required a new website that fit with the new brand identity to sit at the top of Google. This website was built to include a content management system that was simple and tailored specifically for their needs, namely a way to update the noticeboard, opening times and menu without hassle.

Gerringong Electrical Service

Gerringong Electrical had always relied on word of mouth but with new developments and a younger demographic in town they saw the need to meet the changing market. With 25 years of electrical experience, a low cost website with full content management system has allowed the owners to get back to being the best in town. A Google Plus page was also established during the setup of their website to help promote them and provide additional search engine optimisation.

AusAircraft for iOS (free)

Developed to fill my own need mid-2014 and then released to the public in early 2015, AusAircraft provides a free, quick and easy way to lookup information on Australian registered aircraft. With a regularly updated online database of all general aviation (GA) and regular public transport (RTP)/airline aircraft registered in Australia using the VH-xxx mark, AusAircraft fills in the gap left by other apps such as Plane Finder or FlightAware. 

You can find more information on AusAircraft by following this link

Sunset+ for iOS (free)

A simple and elegant way to view the sunrise and sunset times for your current location.

No complicated location finder or nearest city picker, we simple take one look at your GPS or WiFi location each time you open the app and calculate the next 7 days worth of sunrise and sunset times (the previous 2 days are available as a reference).

Download now by searching ‘Sunset+’ on the App Store or following this link